5 things you need to know about the sheltering arm of the military

This is the shelter of the U.S. military.

It houses soldiers and civilians and is home to the headquarters of the Joint Staff.

The arm is designed to provide a safe place for them to spend time during periods of heightened danger and stress, while protecting them from harm and the risk of injury.

And yet, the military has seen more deaths than any other branch of the armed forces in recent years.

The Army has lost nearly 1,400 service members since October 2016, and the Air Force has lost more than 1,100.

In the past year alone, at least 576 Americans have died in the line of duty, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s a problem that’s only getting worse.

On average, the Army loses a soldier every six days, while the Air National Guard loses roughly 300 per day, according the military’s website.

The latest statistics show the military is facing the worst crisis in its history.

That’s because the Army and Air Force are in a deadly stalemate in fighting their wars.

It was a stalemate that’s been making life harder for the Army since the end of the Vietnam War.

The military’s leaders have blamed Congress for failing to come up with a plan to end the stalemate and address the mounting civilian casualties.

But as the Pentagon struggles to find a solution, some lawmakers are pressing for an urgent overhaul of the way the U and the military operate.

The most recent attempt at reform came in the form of the Military Justice Act, which would make military judges more independent and provide judges with additional powers to discipline commanders and other officers.

But the bill has been criticized by critics, who say it’s too vague and doesn’t fully address the problems plaguing the armed services.

It also hasn’t come close to addressing the issue of suicides.

While suicides have fallen, the number of soldiers who commit suicide has risen.

In October 2016 alone, there were 17,944 suicides among Army personnel, according data from a nonprofit that tracks military suicides.

The next month, there was 19,938 suicides.

That number has remained fairly steady, at around 17,000, since then.

And there have been fewer than 100 suicides in each of the last two years.

A spokesperson for the Defense Department’s Office of the Inspector General, which is responsible for oversight of the Army, told NBC News that the Pentagon’s “long-standing failure to improve the quality of service has put the lives of thousands of service members at risk.”

The spokesperson said the agency has “no authority” to audit the Army.

“The Army and its commanders do not have the authority to review the performance of their troops and officers in the performance-related issues that they are responsible for,” he said.

“We continue to have a longstanding culture of failure that has contributed to the lethality and the tragic toll.”

The inspector general’s report on the issue was released in January and pointed to a variety of problems in the Army’s operations and the way it operates.

Among the problems: The military has failed to take steps to prevent suicides.

For example, the watchdog found that while the Army has “the highest number of suicides of any branch of service,” it also has “a high rate of suicides within the service, with an even higher rate in the Navy and Air National Guards.”

In 2015, the inspector general reported that suicides by the Army were at “record levels.”

But, the agency noted, it was unable to identify specific incidents or to establish an overarching policy or process for investigating and punishing soldiers who have committed suicide.

A spokeswoman for the office of the Secretary of Defense, which oversees the Army as well as the Department of Defense Inspector General’s Office, told The Washington Post that the military “is working with Congress to implement the recommendations in the inspector report.”

But the spokesperson said that the government has not yet identified “a formal program to ensure accountability and accountability is enforced.”

The problem is not limited to the Army: The inspector report also pointed to issues with how the military conducts suicide prevention, including not being able to tell military families what to do or what to report, as well being unable to offer a suicide-prevention service to the public.

In addition, the report also noted that the Army does not require commanders to hold a suicide prevention conference.

The watchdog said that while there are several steps that can be taken to improve how the Army conducts suicide-related training, the Pentagon is still not making improvements in how it implements the process.

The inspector office also noted the lack of clear training standards for how the services are supposed to handle and monitor suicide-suicide incidents.

“There are significant gaps in the standards for reporting and handling these types of incidents,” the watchdog said.

It said that, “It appears that the current standards for conducting such incidents are not aligned with current Army practice.”

It is also unclear how the DOD will address the issue when the inspector office publishes its final report.

It has asked for input

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