Which are the best universities in Australia?

In a year when universities across Australia were hit with unprecedented funding cuts, this year’s Australian Universities Rankings put the top five universities in the country.

Key points:The University of Sydney ranked #1 in Australia, with a median salary of $91,000Source: Australian Universities Rank 2018 article The University of New South Wales and the University of Adelaide are the only other Australian universities to crack the top ten.

“It’s a really good year for Australian universities, with the increase in funding and the return to competitiveness in some of the major areas of research,” said Kate Martin, director of the Australia Institute.

“We’re seeing the first fruits of this investment in our higher education system.”

The ranking was compiled by News.co.uk based on a variety of sources, including the 2017 Annual Report to the President, the 2018 University of Queensland Student Satisfaction Survey and the 2018 Higher Education Survey.

The 2017 Annual report, which was released on Wednesday, revealed the University’s operating revenue rose 7.1 per cent to $18.6 billion.

The university also reported the biggest annual increase in student enrolments in its history, rising by 5 per cent.

The university also made a strong showing for research, with its overall research spending up 15.1 points to $13.8 billion.

“That’s a good sign, especially considering there are a number of areas where the research is already underway, but it’s also a sign of the universities having the capacity to keep it going,” said Dr Martin.

“This is a great year for universities, especially with funding increases coming in, and the fact that the quality of research is going up, and that research is now being published in a higher quality and with a more comprehensive approach.”

The 2018 University Student Satisfactancy Survey, which has been carried out annually since 1992, has revealed a higher than average number of students dissatisfied with their university experience.

“The survey has consistently shown a high proportion of students reporting a negative experience at a university,” said a spokesperson for the Australian Institute of University and College Personnel (AUIUC).

“It shows a need for more transparency in university governance and is a critical component of the Australian Higher Education System.”

The 2017 University Student Survey also revealed that students were more likely to say that their university had a “good” or “very good” reputation compared to the previous year.

“As a result, the University has taken action in this year to increase the quality and consistency of the university experience,” said the spokesperson.

“In addition, we’ve created an enhanced online presence, including a new online portal that allows students to access the latest information on all aspects of the institution.”


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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