‘We’re just like you’: how ‘culture wars’ are reshaping our world

From the mid-1990s, the United States was a bastion of liberal democracy.

It was the home of the most progressive states in the country and had the highest per-capita income in the developed world.

The United States had the lowest rates of gun ownership and had a relatively low rate of rape.

America had a “culture war”, which, according to one of its most famous architects, Erving Goffman, was a “war between two cultures”.

The culture war had two main aims: to protect traditional values and to advance liberal democratic values.

This meant that the country was generally viewed as more “liberal”, less “conservative” and more “egalitarian”.

In the US, the culture wars are being played out in a number of places.

For instance, in the United Kingdom, where the Conservatives are in power, the debate about gun control is raging.

Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson, who has said he is “open to a range of ideas” and “open minded”, has said that gun control measures are necessary to keep Britain “safe”.

In France, where Socialist President Francois Hollande is on his way out, the country’s first left-wing president, François Hollande, is seeking to expand his social democracy credentials.

In France and Germany, meanwhile, the left-of-centre Alternative for Germany party is pushing for a ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles and for a tougher anti-terror law.

A number of these countries have been the target of gun control campaigns.

The UK, for example, is a signatory to the Paris Agreement, a UN treaty that aims to fight climate change and to limit global warming.

However, this agreement does not apply to the United Kingdoms, and in France, for instance, gun ownership is banned in some areas.

Gun control is an emotive issue in France.

Gun owners are overwhelmingly anti-immigrant, anti-EU and anti-immigration.

Gun-rights activists in France are among the most vocal in their support of the EU and are among those who call for tighter gun control.

The French left-leaning National Front party is in government in France and it has been one of the leading proponents of gun controls.

It has pushed for a “no-go” zone, where people are banned from owning guns and for restrictions on the supply of certain types of weapons.

In Germany, the anti-gun AfD party is now the second most popular party in the Bundestag (lower house of parliament) and is also one of Germany’s most vocal opponents of gun laws.

It is a party that wants to limit the availability of high-capacity ammunition clips.

The AfD also opposes gun ownership restrictions and wants to make it easier for people to buy assault weapons.

Its platform has included calls for a crackdown on Islamic extremism, which includes banning the importation of Islamic clothing and the sale and possession of “radicalised” Islamic propaganda materials.

It also opposes restrictions on Muslim immigration, such as the controversial immigration of people from the Middle East.

However this anti-establishment, anti European, anti mass immigration and anti anti-globalisation approach has its critics in the EU.

The EU’s Council of Ministers (Coefficient) recently called for a review of its gun laws and said that it was not in the interest of member states to tighten gun control rules.

The European Commission has also expressed reservations about the “no go” zone proposal.

Gun laws in the US are also an emoting issue.

According to a poll by Pew Research Center, nearly half of Americans believe that gun laws are a good idea.

More than half of those polled, as well as 63% of Democrats, 67% of Independents and 57% of Republicans, think that laws restricting the sale or possession of firearms are a very good idea, compared with 37% of independents, 33% of people under 35, 30% of women and 27% of men.

In many US states, such laws have already been in place for years, and many of the people polled believe that it would be a good thing if the laws were to be tightened further.

In the UK, there has been an increasing number of gun-related incidents in recent months.

On February 6, there was an incident involving a woman who was shot by a man after she had allegedly thrown a smoke bomb at him.

On the same day, a woman in her 60s was shot dead by a group of people after allegedly throwing a smokebomb at them.

On January 14, two people were shot dead and two others were injured in a house in west London.

In March, a man in his 60s suffered a head injury in a shooting spree in east London.

Earlier this year, there were three shootings in west Manchester, including one that injured three people.

Gun ownership has become a major political issue in the UK.

There is a major election campaign underway in the upcoming general election, which will see the Conservative Party (CPS

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