‘We are the victims’: ‘We have no right to be here’

Waupun Correctional Institution has apologised to a man who said he was raped in his cell by a guard because he was “insecure” and “a woman”.

Key points:The prison was found to have a “gross lack of supervision” after a prisoner wrote about the assault at an internal inquiryThe corrections director said he believed the man was not a threat to the institution and the “truth” of the claims is the inmate is a woman”We are deeply sorry for the incident and its impact on the man,” Corrections director Kevin McNamara said.

Mr McNamara told the Prisoner of the Year award ceremony that he had “no choice” but to respond to the allegations, adding that he did not feel that he was being attacked.

“We have a very, very high standards for our staff, and I think it is a gross lack of oversight,” he said.

“I am not going to stand here and make any excuses, and in fact I would have hoped that I would not have had to come forward at all, but I am so deeply sorry.”

In the letter, published on the website Prisoner.ie, the inmate, who is not named, said that a female guard had raped him while he was in his cells.

“It was a violent and brutal assault,” the inmate wrote.

“The guards, in their arrogance, should have known that they were putting themselves in danger by doing what they did.”

The prison has since apologised to the man.

“Unfortunately this is the reality of prisons, where in some ways our staff are the most vulnerable members of society,” Mr McNamara added.

“As a result, there has been a profound loss of trust between us and the staff and the general public.

We want to assure you that we are very much committed to working with you in your next chapter.”

The letter also referred to “many complaints made to us from former prisoners and those who have been released from the institution”, which it said was “completely untrue”.

Mr McNams statement came a day after former prison guard Brendan Fitzgerald was acquitted of raping a woman at Waupumpu Correctional Institution, in the same prison as Waupoppun Correctional Institution.

The prison where the alleged assault took place has since been closed, pending a new investigation into the matter.

“There is no excuse for what has happened,” Mr Fitzgerald’s lawyer Michael McGovern told RTÉ News.

“He was not dangerous and this is a man with a good reputation, and he had a good record, he was a prisoner of war, he had been in prison for many years, and we have no choice but to act in a way that is consistent with the law.”

Mr McGovern said the “significant” number of complaints from former inmates and former prisoners released from Wauppumu Correctional Centre would continue to be investigated.

“If there are any other inmates who may have experienced the same thing, we would welcome that as well,” he added.

A spokesman for the Department of Justice (DoJ) said it had received “many reports of violence against prisoners at Wauspumu and the Department will investigate each case”.

“While there is no evidence to suggest the incident was related to any prisoners’ physical or mental health, there are serious concerns about the culture of violence within our prison system and the lack of accountability in the prison system,” he told the Irish Independent.

“Any further allegations of violence are serious, and the DoJ will investigate any and all complaints.”

The Department of Social Protection (DSP) said in a statement: “DSP takes all reports of rape or sexual offences seriously and every allegation of rape is thoroughly investigated.

DSP has made it clear that all complaints of sexual violence are investigated, including those that involve a prisoner or staff member, and that all perpetrators are held to account.”DSP has taken the opportunity to set up a taskforce to ensure that every allegation and complaint of sexual misconduct is fully investigated and dealt with properly, including any and every inmate who is a victim.”

Correction officers were also among the first to respond, with the prison’s director, Michael McNamara, confirming that a male guard had assaulted a prisoner in his prison cells.

Mr McBain, who was a guard at Wompoppumus correctional centre at the time, said he had spoken to the inmate about the incident, and said he felt that the guards “did what they had to do”.”

I was shocked, I was really shocked.

I didn’t know what was going on.

I don’t know why they did it,” he explained.”

But I know they were very,very brave.

I have no doubt in my mind that the person who did it was a man, that he committed the offence.

“Mr McNamar said he did believe the inmate was not an inmate of concern, but a man of high standing within the prison, as the

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