Three of the best new TV shows are ‘smart’ or ‘interesting’

The most important and successful TV series in television history, “Downton Abbey” is coming back, as a new adaptation by David Mitchell, with the show’s new series executive producers David Benioff and Downton creator Julian Fellowes confirming this morning.

The new series will star Julianne Moore, Peter Capaldi, Maggie Smith, Charlotte Rampling and Peter Robinson.

It will be directed by Alex Graves and written by Benioef and Fellowes.

Moore is the showrunner and showrunner of the hit series, which premiered in 2012.

“Dress to Kill” star Smith was an actress on “Dance Moms” and “The X Factor.”

The first episode of the new series, released last night, had Moore singing a song from “The Book of Mormon” at a church in her native Scotland.

The song is the theme for the new episode of “Dollhouse,” which stars “Dancing With the Stars” contestant and “Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey.

“Downtons” is set in England during the early 1800s and features a variety of characters, including Downtons’ main lady, a widow with two daughters, who is the head of the household.

Moore, who will play Lady Anne, is played by Moore’s sister, Emma, and “Dressing to Kill,” featuring Headeys sister, will have a different cast. 

“Dressing To Kill” stars Emma Watson, Sophie Turner, Lucy Davis, Lily Collins, Olivia Colman, John Bradley, Daniel Craig, James McAvoy, Helena Bonham Carter and Tom Hollander.

“The British Code” was the title of a 2010 film that was released on Netflix.

The new season of “The Tudors” is airing on Sky Atlantic.

“Dolls,” by David Benitoff and Julianne Jackson, will be available in the U.S. on Nov. 14, 2016.

“Lizzie” is a remake of “Liz,” starring Jennifer Garner and Lucy Liu.

“Wedding Crashers” will be in theaters on Dec. 8.

“I’m the Man with the Golden Gun” is the name of a film adaptation by Richard Linklater, which will be released on HBO.

The movie follows the life of a gun-toting gunfighter who has to fight his way out of a murder case that’s being investigated by a detective.

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