Mexico’s ‘Bucanica’ museum sets up shop in a former military base

Mexico’s “Bucatanica” museum has opened its doors to the public in the country’s former military bases, a move which may help to preserve their heritage and create jobs for local workers.

The museum, which opened in Ciudad Juarez last year, is a nod to the former military regime, which has been at the centre of international attention since it collapsed last month amid the countrys worst earthquake and drought in over 70 years.

The former military government also housed the military headquarters for the Mexican state of Jalisco, which collapsed under the weight of corruption.

Since the collapse of the regime, many of the buildings have been converted into makeshift hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces.

But now the museum has taken on the role of the “old army”.

Visitors can visit the “Buccanica” on the outskirts of the city of Guadalajara, which was once the headquarters of the Mexican army before it was seized by armed groups in the 1980s.

The site is home to the Museum of Military History, the museum’s official website said, which shows how the former Mexican military bases were used as bases by both the state and the United States during World War II.

Its director, Francisco Marroquín, told the El Universal newspaper that the museum was designed to showcase and preserve the history of the former army.

“The site will not only provide the history and the artifacts, it will also be a site of learning for the young people, a place where they can experience the world and explore different cultures,” he said.

“A new generation will learn that they can take advantage of their youth and be educated in the way they want to be, and it’s the same for us.

We will show them the past, the present and the future.”

The “Buchananica” is open to the general public on the first Friday of each month, but on weekends and public holidays it will be closed.

“We are committed to the conservation of the heritage of the soldiers who fought on the front lines of the war,” Marrose said.

The Museum of Mexico, however, is not the only museum to be opened by the “Sonoran Desert Institute”. 

The institute opened a “Baché” museum in Mexico City in 2010 and a “Zurichan” museum last year. 

The Sonoran Desert institute has also opened a museum in Baja California, Mexico, and a museum that explores the history behind the name “Los Perlas” in the town of El Centro de la Sierra in the state of Sonora.

The institute was founded by an Argentinean who became the head of the military government of the state when it was still a military dictatorship.

It was founded to study the history, culture and culture of the Sonoran desert, a region located in northern Mexico.

Its website said the institute was set up in 2003 to “help the Sonorans discover the world of their past, to understand the peoples of the region and to build a new history of Mexico”.

Mexico’s “Sonora” is a place in the southern part of the country. 

“The museum will provide visitors with an insight into the military history of El Paso, the southernmost town of Sonorá and one of the last towns that existed before the collapse,” the institute said.

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