Jordan Young’s core institute, an institute of the West, is shutting down

Jordanian Young Institute, a prestigious academic institute, is closing its doors after nearly four decades of teaching.

Jordan Young, the institution’s founding father, founded it in 1952.

It has been the primary center of the conservative kingdom’s education system, which has largely been centered on the classical sciences.

After the death of King Abdullah II in 2019, Jordan Young opened its doors to the public for the first time since the establishment of the National Council of Higher Education.

It will reopen in 2023.

At the end of the day, however, the institute has become a laboratory for political and economic influence, the country’s president, Mohammad Abdullah II, said in a statement.

Jordan Young is a central element in the kingdom’s political and strategic planning.

In 2018, the academy’s founders announced they were shutting down because the university’s core program is unable to keep pace with the rapid growth of the countrys economy.

The institute’s core curriculum is not well suited to the needs of a rapidly changing country with increasing demands for knowledge, said Mohammed al-Ammar, head of the institute’s Higher Education Department.

According to al-Bakr, Jordan is now in need of a new academy.

Al-AMMAR said that the institute, whose main focus is on the humanities and culture, was facing a crisis because of the government’s “strategy of constant modernization.”

The institute is in need for a new school, he added.

“Jordan’s future lies in the future of the region,” al-Ammar said.

More from GlobalPost: Turkey’s ‘moderate’ cleric faces jail after criticism over comments on Syria’s ‘revenge’ article Jordan Young was founded in 1952 as a liberal university, with a philosophy of liberal arts and sciences.

In the early 1970s, it opened its first institute in Ankara, which it called the “Kingdom of Culture.”

After years of neglect by the government, Jordan’s government decided to create a new institution in 1980.

Since then, it has spent about 10 percent of its budget on the institute and its faculty, according to its website.

Despite the funding cuts, the Jordanian government has been committed to modernizing the institute through its institutes of Higher Studies and Humanities, which are supported by the Turkish government.

There have been several attempts by the Jordanian leadership to modernize the institute.

The government announced in December that the Jordanian Cultural Council, the government-run body that manages the institute for the government and its universities, would open its doors, and the Jordanian Council of Islamic Studies was set up.

However, it was only in 2015 that the establishment was formally recognized by the International Islamic Cultural Council and officially became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On Feb. 6, the university announced that it would no longer be able to keep up with the demand for its curricula and services.

The institute’s staff and faculty were given an ultimatum to come up with a solution, or it would close.

Its students are being sent home, al-Majid said, and its employees are being instructed to work elsewhere.

Earlier this month, the state-run newspaper Al-Hayat said that some students had been expelled after they were found to be critical of the Jordanian administration.

But al-Jabbar, the deputy head of Jordan’s Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education, denied that the expulsion had been done to “rescue” students.

Abdullah said that he would meet with the Jordanian education ministry in a meeting to discuss the situation.

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