How to create your own LinkedIn profile

The franklin Institute has teamed up with the LinkedIn group to create a new type of profile that can be shared with fellow LinkedIn users.

Key points:Users can create their own profile with the new profile, or they can use one created by other usersKey points :Users can add photos and personal information to their profile, but the profile cannot be shared on other social networksOther users can also create profiles, but not share the details of the person’s profile with other users.

The institute said users can create one profile for themselves, and one for anyone else they know.

They can choose to add a photo and personal details, but this cannot be linked to a specific person.

They cannot share a profile with friends or family.

Users can also add other personal information, such as birth dates and names, to their profiles.

Key point:Users who create their profiles can use them to search for jobs, find out about events and find out who else is interested in their skills, the institute said.

The new profile is only available to those who are registered on LinkedIn, but users can share it with friends and family.

The franklin study found that LinkedIn users had more than 10,000 friends, compared to only a few thousand for those on LinkedIn.

But it found that people with less personal information and those with less social networks had less interest in joining the institute’s ranks.

The study found LinkedIn users were more likely to use LinkedIn as an activity for social networking than people with more personal information.

It also found that more than 60 per cent of LinkedIn users said they were using it to seek out jobs, while fewer than 25 per cent were using the company’s website.


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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