‘Dread’ of ‘cortiva’ is real

Cortiva, the Spanish pharmaceutical company, has come under fire from the industry over a recent announcement that the company will be partnering with a new drugmaker called EpiPen, which is expected to offer lower prices.

Cortiva said it had been asked to sign up to EpiPens to increase the supply of EpiProtect, which would provide an alternative to the current generic version of the product.

However, the company said it was not in the business of making drugmakers “a commodity, and we do not take a position on this issue,” according to a statement.

“Cortava has been working on EpiGuard for more than 15 years and we are in talks with the company,” the statement said.

EpiGuard is the most popular type of pen used by emergency responders.

It is a pen containing a peptide that is used to treat a number of conditions, including allergic reactions and arthritis, but the company says it does not make any claim about its efficacy.

Critics have questioned the use of generic versions of the drug, and say that they are often made without the drug’s active ingredients.

A number of studies have found that Epi Protect is more effective than the generic version, but it is not clear how many people will benefit from the EpiShield.

While some countries have imposed bans on generic versions, in many cases, the companies involved have lobbied for the ban to be lifted, saying they want to ensure that the drug is available in the most appropriate form.

This year, the European Union said it would ban all generic versions until a better formulation of the medicine can be developed, and some countries are looking at ways to block sales to the United States, where the company’s products are being used.

The announcement comes after the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement in February, saying that it was “gravely concerned” about the use and import of generic Epi Protection.

Despite the recent concerns, Cortiva is in talks to sell EpiPad, a generic version that is more popular than the Epipen.

The company said on Wednesday it was in discussions with drugmakers to develop a “better” generic version.

Earlier this month, the FDA warned that the use or import of “generic” drugs is not safe and should not be used by patients.

More to come.

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