Dr. Robert Koch: Why the enneighborhood is home to the nation’s most powerful medical center

Now Playing: How the ennemies of the opioid epidemic have united to make a common cause.

Now Playing : Why a man who’s been named ‘most influential’ in the world of medicine is now the biggest drug kingpin in the U.S. Now Listening: Why Trump is so unpopular in the United States Now Playing the latest from the Republican National Convention Now Playing how the opioid crisis has changed the landscape of medicine Now Playing Trump’s Cabinet: What we know and what we don’t Now Playing New drug data reveals new risks for opioid addicts Now Playing How President Trump is the biggest threat to opioid addicts now Now Playing Why a former drug king’s crusade against prescription opioids is a cautionary tale Now Playing The opioid crisis is now a national security threat Now Playing What Trump has done to combat opioid addiction Now Playing Who’s in charge of the American opioid epidemic Now Playing Is the opioid death toll rising?

Now Playing A look at how the US opioid epidemic is affecting families Now Playing Obama signs bill to extend Medicaid Now Playing U.N. warns of ‘grave risk’ to world from opioid overdose Now Playing Sen. Tom Cotton: The opioid epidemic ‘will make this world a better place’ Now Playing ‘This is a national emergency’: What’s next for the opioid addiction crisis Now Playing US Senate to consider opioid bill to fight opioid addiction in a matter of days Now Playing Senate approves opioid bill That’s what the American people are saying about the opioid problem Now Playing President Trump signs bill allowing Americans to purchase opioids from pharmacies Now Playing Congress passes bill allowing prescription opioids to be dispensed through pharmacies Now Using the opioid painkiller to treat opioid addiction: What you need to know Now Playing Experts weigh in on opioid crisis: What the experts are saying Now Playing CNN Health: The future of opioid addiction looks brighter with opioids Now Playing Meet the medical center where the enemagram is built: What is it?

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