Why do so many universities want to shut down?

More than two dozen institutions in the United States and around the world have already announced they are canceling their programs, citing budget cuts that could jeopardize the nation’s future in the sciences and technology fields.

“I’m a physicist.

I love the university,” said one of the students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who declined to give his name.

“We’re in a bad spot.

We have a lot of very talented scientists who are just not finding work, who aren’t getting the funding.”

The students, who arrived at the school with a passion for science, said they are frustrated by the state of their universities.

The number of people pursuing PhDs in the U.S. fell dramatically from a peak of 6,000 in the 1970s to less than 1,000 by 2016.

That’s when a wave of students went to graduate school, which has fueled a flood of graduates, many of whom are not well paid.

The University of Texas at Austin announced that it would close its doors to graduate students after the state passed a budget that eliminated funding for the university’s Graduate Research Fellowship program.

That program, which pays for students to spend time with scientists at universities, was designed to help graduate students get a foothold in science and engineering.

The Austin students said they have been told they will be unable to attend the next major science conference and won’t be able to work in the lab while they wait.

Some also are worried that they won’t get paid for their work, which could be jeopardized if they’re not offered a full-time job in their field of study.

One of the Austin students, Joshua Burt, a PhD student in chemistry, said the decision was made to cut back on the number of PhDs available.

The program had a capacity of 3,000.

Burt said that was reduced to 1,500.

The U.K.’s University of Manchester announced in November that it will close its two labs and shut down operations in 2021, citing “funding cuts.”

That prompted the government to cancel research grants and shut its labs, which are now open for research.

The university said it would be seeking another funding source to keep the research going.

It’s a sad situation, said Christopher Tully, a doctoral candidate in engineering who is one of about 60 students at New York University who applied for a spot in a new program at the New School in New York City.

It’s an amazing opportunity for young people to start a career,” he said.

The New School has an annual budget of $4 million.

Students in the program are required to attend a 10-week training program that lasts from April through September, and they get to spend about two hours a week in a lab.

The program offers four-year degrees in engineering and science, as well as a three-year master’s degree.

But because of budget cuts, some students are not eligible for that program, said Sarah McLeod, the school’s associate dean for research and innovation.

She said it was the first time that New York has had to make that change.”

The New York State Education Department declined to comment on any of the affected students. “

This is the first opportunity for them to have a job in the next four years.”

The New York State Education Department declined to comment on any of the affected students.

The department did say that in the last fiscal year, its grants to New York universities dropped by about 30 percent.

But that is far less than the nearly 40 percent drop nationwide, said Laura Rupp, director of the university program at Rutgers University, where students are offered a four- to five-year degree.

She says there is not enough research funding to support students to finish the degree.

In Washington state, the state Department of Education announced in September that it was cutting funding to schools that provide support for students with disabilities.

The Department of Labor said in a statement that its funding for support of individuals with disabilities has dropped by almost 10 percent in the past two years.

The cuts come after the Trump administration last year cut funding to the National Institutes of Health, the nation ‘s largest research fund, which is responsible for funding the basic research that allows scientists to build better tools and devices for the nation.

The cuts have been particularly severe at universities that specialize in health care and research.

The NIH has already announced that its grants would be eliminated in 2020, which would affect nearly 400 scientists and engineers.

“We’re not in a position to fund the work that needs to be done to keep up with the growing demand for healthcare, or the need to develop new and better ways to detect and treat disease, or to provide preventive care,” said NIH spokeswoman Anna Ellerber.

The agency also announced that in 2018, it would reduce its overall funding by $100 million to $300 million.

“This cuts is going to hit all of us,” said Josh Burch, a graduate student at Harvard University.

He said he’s unsure

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