University of Colorado-Boulder professor posts on Twitter that women are ‘totally’ responsible for rape

In an apparent response to a tweet from a professor at the University of California-Berkley who argued that women don’t always take responsibility for their own rapes, a professor of psychology at the university has responded with a series of tweets saying that women’s “totally” and “solely” blame for sexual assault are completely wrong.

In a series called “Why Women Are Totally & Only Responsible for Rape,” Phoebe Purdy posted on Twitter Wednesday that the “truth is we are not responsible for all of our own rapes.”

“You are totally and only responsible for the rape of your partner,” Purdy wrote.

“This is a completely false idea.”

“The most powerful tool we have is the word, so the truth is we need to be clear with ourselves, we need a clear definition of what rape is, so we can avoid getting raped again,” Purdy added.

“So we’re completely and only to blame for our own rape?

I don’t get it.”

Purdy has previously said that her own rape experience was “not my fault” and has been critical of other feminists for “not having any sense of responsibility” for her own assault.

Purdy’s comments came after the University at Buffalo, a large university in the United States, banned an event hosted by the university’s Center for Women in Psychology.

The event, which was scheduled to take place last week, was cancelled due to concerns about “the possible impact on academic freedom.”

The event was part of a larger conference on “the impact of gender inequality on sexual violence and the need for systemic change,” which is part of the University’s Center on Violence Against Women and Girls.

The university did not immediately respond to Polygon’s request for comment on Purdies tweet.

The center’s founder, Elizabeth Stoneman Douglas, told Polygon that the event was canceled because of “safety concerns” related to the conference, but also said the center is working on a similar event for next year.

“The event has been cancelled because the event is part and parcel of a much larger effort to address the intersection of gender and violence,” Douglas said in an email to Polygons publication.

“I am very proud of the fact that we are finally reaching that point, that the intersection is finally being recognized and that it’s finally being acknowledged and that we’ve done something to address it,” she added.

The University at Boulder has been the target of criticism from other feminists, including former UCLA professor Carol Dweck, who called the event “a microaggression that is perpetuated by the very men who are perpetuating it.”

In a tweet posted Wednesday, Douglas wrote that the center was “going to take the opportunity to re-establish the importance of sexual violence research and the importance to students, faculty and staff of a robust dialogue on campus about rape.”

“In a new and inclusive way, we will continue to discuss the issues and the solutions, and will make sure that the discussion is respectful and centered on the experiences of the students and faculty who have been victimized,” she wrote.

“It’s time to finally move forward.

We must.”

Douglas said she was not sure how the event’s cancellation would affect the conference.

“We are not in a position to make any predictions,” she told Polygones publication.

“I think what we know for sure is that this was a really big mistake.

I think it is a mistake because we have been doing this a lot, and we need more of these types of conversations.”

Doucs comments come after a group of women who were victims of sexual assault, including actress Alyssa Milano, actor Kristin Scott Thomas and former NBA player Toni Basil, held a news conference at UCLA’s Law School last week.

The news conference was organized by the group, and in attendance were Milano and her former basketball coach, Toni Landry, who has been vocal about her support for the group.

Milano also said that she has been a victim of sexual abuse herself, and that she was the first person to report her abuse to law enforcement.

Milanano and Basil were not invited to the news conference, according to a statement from the UCLA School of Law.

The women also spoke at a press conference organized by The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which included a statement by the organization’s executive director.

“Our hope is that these conversations will provide a space for survivors of sexual and domestic violence to share their stories, and also give a platform for survivors to be heard and to be listened to,” the statement read.

“We want to be able to help them heal, learn from each other and build on the progress they have made so far.”

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