Cops: Prison guards are getting money, perks to make the jobs harder

A new report from the Center for Public Integrity shows that state prison guards are taking home about $3,400 more than their federal counterparts for doing their jobs.

And those extra paychecks are making life for corrections officers more difficult, The Post’s Mark Berman and Elise Viebeck report.

The new report shows that correctional officers in Ohio are now earning more than those in other states.

The report details the salaries and benefits of Ohio’s state and local corrections officers.

It also reveals that correctional officer pay at the state’s prisons and jails is up by more than $10,000 over the past two years.

In New York, prison guards earn $25,000 a year more than other state employees, but that wage increase was a result of an agreement that made up for a $1.8 million shortfall in state funding for the prison system, the report found.

In the past decade, prison officers have made up about 15% of the state corrections workforce.

But now that the state has reached a $2.6 billion budget deal with the federal government to avoid a $3.8 billion budget gap, they are working harder to make up for it.

The increase in state prison officers’ pay comes amid an increasing trend of state prison workers becoming increasingly unionized, according to the report.

As of January, corrections officers had unionized for about half of their jobs, up from about 30% in 2007, according a report by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents corrections officers in New York.

But that is not the only change.

In 2012, New York prison guards were also given the option of joining the union, but they chose not to do so.

The union is now working on an executive board to develop the reforms that are needed to get the state back on track to meet the needs of the inmates who come to prison.

Corrections officer salaries and pay have also risen at the Ohio Department of Corrections in recent years, even though its prison population has remained stagnant for decades.

The department’s budget has grown by about $10 million a year since 2011.

But the department now has about $20 million less in its general fund to provide for the health care and basic security needs of its prisoners.

It needs $3 billion in new money to meet those needs, which is why it has asked the Legislature to pass a $600 million budget, which would raise wages for corrections officer pay to $50,000.

The agency would be allowed to spend the rest of the money on prison operations, health care, and other needs.

The state prison system has been under a state of emergency since January, when Gov.

John Kasich imposed the statewide lockdown because of the Ebola outbreak.

The lockdown has forced the closure of the prison in Marion County, about 90 miles north of Columbus.

The Marion County jail is in the midst of a two-year closure due to the outbreak.

Corrections officers are working on overtime to try to keep the facility operating.

In March, Ohio Corrections Commissioner Robert A. Pardee said the agency was taking measures to make it easier for inmates to get treatment for their illnesses, but it is still hard for prisoners to access care.

The Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services are the two primary health-care providers for inmates in the Marion County facility, which includes the Marion Correctional Center and the Marion City Jail.

But according to a report from state lawmakers, prison officials are struggling to provide the care inmates need, which has made it harder for prisoners who have serious mental illness to get timely care.

About one-third of inmates at Marion County’s Marion City Correctional Center have a mental illness.

Some have severe mental illnesses and have a history of violence, and some have substance abuse problems.

The prison is the only one of the four in the state that does not offer mental health treatment.

State Rep. Mike Patton, a Republican who represents Marion County and who was part of the legislative committee that negotiated the budget, said the prison’s mental health crisis is compounded by the fact that the Marion county jail is run by the Department for Children and Families, a private agency.

The federal government has a contract with the state to run the jail and the department has had to raise money through higher fees, he said.

Patton said he believes the Marion jail is a great success story because it has taken the hard road of building the facility, building treatment facilities, and ensuring the safety of the community.

But Patton said the Marion department has struggled to address the problems in the mental health and addiction care facilities, which he said are understaffed.

The county has the highest incarceration rate in the country, according the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

It has the third highest death rate among state prisons, the fifth highest suicide rate, and the fourth highest death toll among state facilities, according data compiled by the state Department of Human Services.

The bureau says the state should improve mental health facilities,

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