NHL’s technical institute is suing car manufacturer over the use of the technology

A Canadian car company is suing the NHL’s Technical Institute of Applied Sciences (TISA) after the institute says it has been using the technology for years without proper approval.

The institute’s chief executive officer, Mike Poulin, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver alleging the use by the NHL of TISA’s advanced optical imaging system violates B.N.S.A. section 518.1.

In the lawsuit, the institute said it was unable to obtain a proper license for its use in the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The NHL said in a statement that the league has not used TISA equipment during the playoffs.

The NHL did not immediately respond to a request for comment.TISA said in its lawsuit that it was able to use the TISA system to create a video for the NHL on its website in February 2016, which it said had been previously used in conjunction with a commercial promotion.

The TISA website is now part of the NHL.

The lawsuit says the NHL and TISA violated section 519 of the B.S.-N.B.

S Act, which states: “[TISA] shall be entitled to reasonable compensation for the use or non-use of its technical equipment for purposes incidental to the performance of its duties.”

In its statement, the NHL said it has not been using TISA for its official games, but was able, in some instances, to use it to create promotional content.”TISA has a strong track record of success and its use for NHL official and promotional materials has been approved by the league,” the NHL statement said.

“However, in this case, TISA failed to apply for a license and instead used the technology in a manner that was not in accordance with the applicable license.”

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