How to create the perfect beard for every man

How to build a beard?

We asked our expert barber, Eileen, to explain the process and her tips for a smooth, professional look.


Choose a type.

Barbers can choose from different styles, but the most popular are the standard stubble or full beard.

Choose one that suits your face, body and hair.

The beard can be thick or thin, depending on your preference.


Choose the right hair.

Hair has the biggest influence on your beard.

The longer the hair, the longer the beard will be.

A good barber should also choose the type of beard that suits you.

Choose thick, coarse or straight.

A thin, stubble-like beard is more masculine and may look like you are having trouble keeping your beard in check.


Choose an appropriate color.

The hair color you choose should be a combination of red, orange, green, blue or white.

For a masculine look, a beard can also be dark brown, brown, grey, red or blue.

Barber David Fenton says a good beard should have no visible facial hair, but beard hair can sometimes appear dark or stubbley.


Choose your wax.

Wax is a product that coats the hair before it’s applied to the beard.

To apply wax, brush on the wax evenly and apply it one to two centimetres into the hair.

Barbbers often apply a lot of wax, but you can also apply it with a handkerchief to prevent any excess from drying on your hands.


Use a comb.

Barbs should be groomed and groomed well to give your beard a smooth finish.

Hair can be groom to a thick, smooth or thin curl.

For thicker, more masculine-looking stubble, a comb may be used.


Clean your beard with a towel.

Cleaning your beard is an important part of a barber’s routine, says barber David.

It’s important to get rid of any unwanted hairs and make sure your beard doesn’t smell.

Barbecues should be kept clean and dry, says Eileen.

Barcrest barbers also often use barbers oils, which have antibacterial properties and can be used on sensitive skin.


Keep your beard clean and groomable.

If you do wash your beard, it needs to be shaved, not brushed.

Clean, groomed, styled and styled again is essential to a clean and professional beard.


Beard oils are great for facial hair and the beard needs to stay healthy.

Barbed-off beard oils are not recommended.

Hair oil is ideal for shaving, beard grooming, styling and waxing.


Make sure you use a good comb.

To create a smooth beard, a good barbers comb should have a sharp point and a thin, straight blade.

The finer the blade, the thicker the beard, says David.

The best barbers brush should be medium to coarse in size.

Hair care experts recommend a beard brush with a flat tip for men, with a sharp blade and a long, straight handle for women.

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