How to be a great leader: How to build the perfect team

The best leaders are often the most humble.

They have the ability to be compassionate, creative, and collaborative.

But they also have the capacity to be unselfish and give up when their team is lacking.

As a result, they often feel trapped and unable to make meaningful change for their team.

In the interview, Bloomberg Businessweek editor Mark Perry discusses how leaders can become more unselfishly charitable and help build teams that can inspire and motivate others.


How to work with people.

“I think of people as people.

I don’t think of them as people who need me to be there for them,” Perry said.

Instead, he said, people should be judged on how they treat others.

Perry is a former president of the American Board of Internal Medicine, a nonprofit that promotes medical research.

The board, along with the National Institutes of Health, has long been considered the gold standard in medical research and education.

Perry’s team helped create the American Cancer Society, which provides clinical and research resources and has also served as a foundation for the nonprofit Breast Cancer Action Fund.


How do you connect with your team?

“The team has to have a vision for the future.

They can’t be thinking of the future,” Perry told Businessweek.

“They have to have the ambition of the team.”

This means not only being a mentor and guiding the team to achieve its vision, but also providing support for their work as it happens.

Perry suggested that team members develop “ideal leadership styles” to support their ability to inspire others and work together as a team.

He described a team leader as a person who “knows how to communicate, to motivate, to be responsive, to build relationships, to inspire, to communicate the values that are important.”


How does being a good team member affect how you see people?

“People don’t like to be told what to do, but they like to have an opinion,” Perry explained.

“That’s where leadership comes in.

I know people who can see the big picture and they want to make sure their team can see what they see.”


How can you improve your ability to connect with people?

Perry stressed that the more empathy you have, the more likely you are to engage in empathy.

“You can’t have empathy without understanding people, and you can’t understand people without being able to connect,” he said.


How should your team think about its work?

Perry explained that team-based initiatives are not always the best way to build a strong team.

“When you’re looking for leadership roles, you can start by looking at your role within your organization, the size of your organization,” he added.

“How many people can you lead?

How many people are going to be part of your team?”


How often should you be able to talk with people about their work?

“It’s about being a team player,” Perry noted.

“It starts with being a leader, then it gets personal.”

He recommended that team leaders spend more time with their team members to get to know them better.


How important is being an advocate?

“You want to be an advocate for your team, but you also want to get in their shoes,” Perry advised.

“The reason you don’t want to do it by doing it on your own is that the impact of your actions are limited.”

He added that the best leaders know that being a role model for their colleagues is a key part of becoming a good leader.


What is the best thing about being an entrepreneur?

“Being an entrepreneur is about creating things that others are going get,” Perry suggested.

“Being a leader is about doing things that other people are not going to do.”

He went on to recommend that being an innovative entrepreneur can be rewarding and transformational for both the business and the company.

“Be the change that you want to see in your life,” Perry concluded.

Watch the full interview with Mark Perry below:

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