What is the Mayo Clinic’s role in kidney disease?

The Mayo Clinic has become embroiled in controversy after a new study found the Mayo Center’s work with Southwestern Illinois was responsible for the rise in kidney cancers in the region.Mayo Clinic spokesperson John G. Sacks confirmed that the new study was not a peer-reviewed article.In a statement, he said: “We know that patients and […]

How to Build a Mental Institution

With the mental institution of the future, mental health is a priority.But building a mental institution isn’t just a matter of constructing the building itself.It requires a lot of money, which makes it a lot harder to make than a physical one.Luckily, we’ve got some handy guides to help you get started.

How to Stop Your Own Child from Killing You

How to STOP YOUR OWN child from killing you?The best answer to this question comes from an aprende Institute in the United Kingdom.Aprende is a leading British nonprofit that works to save children from a dangerous path to death.In this video, the institute explains the basics of how to stop a child from hurting themselves […]

‘Dread’ of ‘cortiva’ is real

Cortiva, the Spanish pharmaceutical company, has come under fire from the industry over a recent announcement that the company will be partnering with a new drugmaker called EpiPen, which is expected to offer lower prices.Cortiva said it had been asked to sign up to EpiPens to increase the supply of EpiProtect, which would provide an […]

Which are the best universities in Australia?

In a year when universities across Australia were hit with unprecedented funding cuts, this year’s Australian Universities Rankings put the top five universities in the country.Key points:The University of Sydney ranked #1 in Australia, with a median salary of $91,000Source: Australian Universities Rank 2018 article The University of New South Wales and the University of […]

How to deal with the NFL lockout

There’s no way to sugarcoat this one.The NFL is the world’s largest entertainment industry.Its TV shows and movies are the most-watched entertainment product in the world.And its games are so popular that it is impossible for a company to ignore them.The result: the lockout, the worst in NFL history, has forced thousands of fans to […]

Why did NIU take so long to terminate BSM research?

The University of Nebraska at Omaha has announced it has terminated the research of a researcher who was involved in a massive outbreak of skin cancer.The University of Omaha’s Center for Human Genome Biology (CHGB) has conducted research at the University of Maryland in College Park and was contracted to conduct clinical trials for the […]

Jordan Young’s core institute, an institute of the West, is shutting down

Jordanian Young Institute, a prestigious academic institute, is closing its doors after nearly four decades of teaching.Jordan Young, the institution’s founding father, founded it in 1952.It has been the primary center of the conservative kingdom’s education system, which has largely been centered on the classical sciences.After the death of King Abdullah II in 2019, Jordan […]

What does the Bible teach about rape?

A broad-based movement of evangelical Christians is attempting to overturn decades of moral teaching on rape, with the backing of evangelical leaders, leading a nationwide push to have the issue finally be defined in a clear, clear way.In the months since a group of evangelical pastors in Iowa launched the “Rape of God” campaign, they […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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